The Journal

A collection of curiosities by photographer and storyteller Adam Ryan Morris.

August 1, 2017

Passion That Makes a Point

Meet Bryan Cera — Master maker of useless machines. Useless machines that apparently make a point. But what point? Useless things can’t make a point, right? Or can they?

March 15, 2017

New Year. New Brand. Same Badass.

Finally. Over the last year or so I’ve worked with the fine folks at Untitled Creative Studio to officially re-brand myself. As photographers, we tend to think we can do it all. Or, if not it all, at least a lot of it. So we become graphic designers, retouchers, stylists, and so on. Or we get a friend to hash out a few logo options over a weekend and voila, that’s it. But really, we’re running a business. And so we need to think of our enterprises as one. We need to think of our brands. It’s something that…