The Journal

June 6, 2018

Mister Roboto

We recently directed a day-in-the-life-style anthem video for the studio of painter and commercial illustrator Bigshot Robot.

If there’s one thing we think of when we see Bigshot Robot’s work, it’s his fluid style. Those curvy lines! So, in approaching the camerawork, we opted for the buttery smoothness of a Freefly Systems Movi to reflect his work. (Freefly makes our favorite gimbals — you can even run like mad next to a bicycle and still get silky, stabilized shots.)

Bigshot Robot — aka David Zimmerman — reflects the kind of passion and heart we look for in clients of all sizes and types. Kind, generous — and tenacious. And, truth be told, we can’t help but see a bit of a fellow traveler in him. It’s our good fortune to continue partnering with people, brands and organizations we believe in — and on projects ranging from large to small and everything in between.

P.S. Speaking of awesome people, if you look carefully you can spot Bader-Rutter art buyer Martha Switalski’s boat in the background of the opening sequence.