The Journal

October 15, 2018

Captain Not-So-Obvious

What a guy.

He lives in an old movie theater. And, in warmer months, on this tugboat.

He raised a family in that revamped theater building. And ran a highly successful commercial photography studio out of the emptied theater hall.

That tugboat? Spent years shipwrecked on the floor of Lake Michigan till he had it raised and rehabbed.

Years ago, just for kicks, he painted the words “Welcome to Cleveland” on his home’s roof. (See the last shot in my directors’ reel.) Years later, it still confuses unwitting passengers and pilots as their planes approach Milwaukee.

You could meet Mark. But he’d prefer if you didn’t.

I could tell you more. He’d prefer if I wouldn’t.

A single portrait can tell one hell of a story.

Or at least hint at a story.

But rarely does it tell a complete story.

As a practitioner and student of the environmental portrait, I’m OK with that. Especially if in the audience it arouses curiosity.