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February 5, 2019

Heartland Romance, Part 3

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As summer slid into fall and fall began giving way to winter, our team worked sunup to sundown, witnessing golden moments, breathing in the smell of fresh earth, and providing a window into the lives and labor of some of America’s most hardworking souls: Farmers and their families.

Our mission from farm lender Compeer Financial: Don’t just document. Go, see, feel and make pictures that show what it’s like out there in the fields, barns and tractors of the heartland. Capture motion and stills that convey the intricacies — and the magnitude — of the work and the life. Find the big moments — and the little ones. The farming. And the farm life.

Invigorated by the challenge, we went to work. And here’s a sampling of what we came back with.

Later during fall harvest we ventured to western Minnesota to soy and corn operation Endurance Farms, cooperatively run by several childhood friends and their young families.


Photographer/Director: Adam Ryan Morris
DPs: Ryan Bingham, Jonny Stuckmayer
Camera assistants: Laura Dierbeck, Kirsten Martinez, Molly Meehan